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Taviana Island
ArmA 2
Written by Lars   
Tuesday, 24 July 2012 09:29

Taviana (Officialy: Tavianska Sovjetskaja Socialisticiskaja Respublika - TSSR– The Soviet Socialist Republic of Taviana) is an island country situated in the Baltic Sea approximately 120km off the coast of Lithuania or Kaliningrad. It has a population of approximately 1 500 000 inhabitants of who 90% are ethnic Slavs called “Rustaki”, Russians or Poles and 10% ethnic Lithuanians. The capital and second largest city of the republic is Sabina which is located on the Southern coast of lake Umag, has a population of approximately 150 000 and has the republics main international airport.
This Beta version contains the entire Southern part of the island from the previous release and also features approximately 20km² of new land in the Northern area of the island, including dozens of custom models with custom textures, such as a cable car, motorway, tomb, airport building, underground train stations, a race track and much more...
This is a Beta version which is fully game ready, and ready for missions to be made on, however some bugs may still be present. No further changes will be done to the completed areas of the island seen in this Beta in future releases, however if you do spot a bug, please report it.

Author: -Martin-

Release Date: 7-11-2012

Version: 1.0

Size on disc: +/- 960MB



Requirement: ArmA2


Change Log - beta 1.0

More forest clutter added- Drains added- Misplaced road segments fixed- Street name signs redone- Railway wires removed- Train carriages added- Airport building added- Sewage processing plant added- Map names localised to English, Russian, Czech and Polish- Intro anim added- Satellite & layer masks tweaked- More clutter added to forests- Missing object error fixed- Missing texture errors fixed- Destroyable road objects fixed- BIS+Key addon signature added- Unfinished models have been finished- Tomb of king Solibor finished- Instances in which the layer falls through the floor fixed- Missing geometries fixed- Water dispensers added- Misaligned trolleybus wires, realigned- Trolleybus depot geometry fixed- Mailbox texture not showing fixed- Billboard texture not showing fixed- Police stations added- Bratislav bridge was not appearing on the map: now appears- Buildings that tip over when destroyed fixed- Trolleybus depot finished- Foot path misalignment fixed- Sabina heating station geometry fixed- Children’s ship in school (plane in model was reversed)- Latin writing converted to Cyrillic- Config names error: FIXED- MOD folders bug: FIXED (Island can now be used with MOD folders)

Authors & Credits

Martin (Height map, sat + layer mask, all object placement, modelling, texturing), Bushlurker (Countless help and support =) ), Richard (Help in modelling of various models), Hevoc100 (Coming up with the name - Taviana), Broseph (Various textures for models), Zenger (Tavianas release screenarts, support and regular updating of arma.at.ua with Taviana news), Fargustino (Improving the satellite mask, ideas and race track model), DKM MOD (Windmills), Ensk Island team (Lenin Statue, wooden church), Pathetic_Berserker (Stadium)

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