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J.S.R.S. - Jarhead Sounds Redeployment Systems
ArmA 2
Written by Lars   
Saturday, 07 August 2010 03:25

Let me introduce you to a fantastic all new HQ sound-addon for Arma2 & Operation Arrowhead called the Jarhead Sounds Redeployment Systems. It’s so new it hasn’t been finished yet and therefore should be called a pre-release beta. The only thing is that the sound of this current beta as LordJarhead calls it are that much better than the original that it is by far the best sound modulation out there! With more than 1200 Sounds and 400MB file size it is one of the biggest Sound mods ever and changes each weapon in Arma2 Vanilla and Combined Forces (not tested with Operation arrowhead standalone). All the weapons, all Helicopters, Environment, Explosion, Soniccracks, Movement, and more have been replaced in the (totally free) download! During a gunfight bullet sounds will sound much more breathtaking then what you are used to without the mod upon till now. This mod includes a brand new innovative echo effect feature that sounds like what you would experience during a real battle. Explosions sound move massive and even most vehicle sounds where lifted to the next level in the name of realism. 

The great thing about the BIS Military games community is ofcource the feedback you get while making an addon. Lord Jarhead has used this advice to enchance this 4th release of his soundaddonpack some more making this into an unforgetable sound experience evenmore!

This AddOns is a Soundmod for Arma2/OA

This AddOns will change:

- All handheld weapons.

- All helicopters.

- All movementsounds (Climb sounds not working).

- All explosions, Soniccracks, Bullethits and so on.

- Some of the Vehicleweapons.

- some of the Wheeled/Tracked Vehicles.


Artist: Lord Jarhead

Required Addons: CBA


Current version: 1.5 FULL

Filesize: 1.8GB (unpacked)


Installation guide:  

In you're Arma2 folder make a new folder called "@J.S.R.S" (can be called anything, without the quotes) > In that folder make another folder called "addons" and enter that folder > looks something like: "Bohemia Interactive\Arma2\@J.S.R.S\addons ".

Now extract the mod to your desktop and manually copy/ move all files files that are included in all the subfolders to the empty addons folder we made in step 1! Remember to make sure that all the modfiles are in the addons folder exclusively and not in any other subfolders beyond that or the addon won't be recognized. For the required CBA addon you must do exactly the same, but it is possible to add multiple mods to the same folder.

Now all you have to do is tell Arma it should start the mods when the game is (re)loaded.

Operation Arrowhead: makes this is very easy. First  place the mods in the right location and restart the game. In the main menu go to "expansions" and here you can select the CBA and J.S.R.S mods to be loaded with the game from then on (after a reboot you can start using the mods)  Note: Beta OA patch users should use the old shortcut target method as discribed below

Arma2: Make a shortcut to the Arma2 executable (Arma2.exe) by right clicking the icoon and choose "create shortcut" and place it where you want it to be. Right click the shortcut and go to the "shortcut tab" once here you have to add the following to the line called Target    .....ractive\ArmA 2\arma2OA.exe" -mod=@RKSL;@J.S.R.S;@CBA (seperate the mods with a " ; " ) > save this new made target  and you are done!!

Credits & Thanks

- To MarkXIII and Darkxess and all the others from the Forumtopic for the nice support, the help, and all the damn long declarations!

- To the Fans of JSRS and all the people they're believing in this mod.

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