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Dutch Armed Forces
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TOPIC: Dutch Armed Forces

Dutch Armed Forces 2 years ago #3321

F-16A 313sqn Tigerteam 2010 Edition J-222

F16A Nato Tigerteam 2012

F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2013 + Smokewinders

F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2008

F-16A Falcon 'The first Dutch Falcon' J-229

F16A/M 50 Years 323sqn (J-248)

F16A/M 60 Years 323sqn (DirtyDiana, J-881)

F-16A Falcon 2013 Toned down skin (J-061/064)

F-16A Falcon 322sqn (J-873)

F-35B Lightning II

Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer

Hercules C-130H

P-3C Orion

MQ9 Predator

Raven mini UAV


Westland Lynx


AB-412 SP SAR No.303 Squadron

Ch-47D Chinook D-101

Ch-47D Chinook D-662 'Lady Liberty'

Ch-47F Chinook D-892

AS-532U2 Cougar MK II

AH-64D Apache

Leopard 2a6

Cheetah (1A2)


AIFV/YPR765, M113, M557

The Fox


Boxer 8X8


M109A3 Paladin

Scania R500 Firetruck

RG-31 Nyala MRAP

VW4 Transporter


Mercedes Wolf G250

Land Rovers

Dirtbikes & ATV's

Army men & women


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Re: royal netherlands military : Landmacht 1 year, 11 months ago #3332

De Zeven Provinciënklasse Frigates

WalrusClass Submarine

Downloads (0.74 (15-03-2014):

Arma2: Combined Operations 1.62
Arma2:OA Beta
ACR (Lite)

The PBO and Sign files in the archive need to be extracted into your ArmA/Addons folder.
However the mod folder method is the better solution.
Copy the following URL into your browser to view a Mod Folder Tutorial : tinyurl.com/armamodfolder

F-35 Lightning II VTOL (F-001)
F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2008 (J-055)
F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2010 + Smokewinders (J-015)
F-16A Tigerteam 50th anniversary (313sqn, J-222)
F-16A 'The first Dutch Falcon' (J-229)
F-16A 50 Years 323sqn (J-248)
F-16A 60 Years 323sqn "Dirty Diana" (J-881)
F-16A Falcon Fighters 322sqn (J-873 & J-251)
F-16A Falcon Fighters 322sqn (2013 edit) (J-061/064)
C-130H Hercules (7x)
Pilatus PC-7 Turbo Trainer
RQ-11 Raven mini-UAV
CH-47D Chinook D-101 & MH-47F D-892
AS-532U2 Cougar MK II (4x)
Lynx (2x)
AB-412 SP SAR 303Sqn No.R01 & UH-1Y
AH-64D Apaché (2 + 2 low visibility roundel)
Leopard 2A6 (2x)
Cheetah (3x)
YPR, M113, M577 (8x)
The Fox (2x)
Patria (4x)
RG31 Nyala MRAP (4x)
Wolf G250 (4x)
Caterpillar D7H
Dirtbikes, ATVs & Towtrucks (6x)
Troops, Pilots, Crewmen & Snipers (110x)
Diemaco, HK416, SRAT, Pzf3 + Goggles
Static Weapons, Backpacks & Ammoboxes
National and Army flags
Dutch Train, KLM & AERCAP A320 Airbus + crew
Scania Firetruck & Scoda Octavia FireFighter

Included in the modfiles
[SP] Dutch Assault (@) by: Rick de Jong v1.0

[SP]APOCALYPSE/LOST by: markb50k

[MP+SP]Planned Assault by: _William


[MP]32 ACE MSO DAF vs TK+TK ins 4.5 rc3.1 by: Rommel, friznit, highhead, kieran, Tupolov, wolffy.au, zorrobyte (=KCT=BlackMamba Edit.)
Requirements: ACE, ACRE, Fayshkhabur

[MP][XTRA] Patrol Ops 2.04 ACE DAF by: roy86 ([TDNL] Edit.)
Requirements: ACE, ACRE, EOD

[MP]Airmobile Assault by: [TDNL]Nimster
Requirements: Helmand Valley, FFA Terrorists, RAF Chinook CH2

[MP][XTRA]_ACE_Insurgency_150100 by: Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN (edit by [TDNL]Spliffz)
Requirements: ACE, Dingor, Lingor or Fallujah

Textures By:

F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2013 (J-015)
F-16A Falcon Demoteam 2008 (J-055)
F-16A Tigerteam 2010 (J-222)
F-16A 'The first Dutch Falcon' (J-229)
Lots of pilots & Engineers

CH-47 Chinook D-101
Boxer 8x8

F-16A 60 Years 323sqn "Dirty Diana" (J-881)
Air Maneuver Brigade (Red Barets)

Crewchief and helicopter pilot

Texture Adjustments:
Pimmie: Wolf (labels), AH-64 LV Roundel (label)
Vince: F-16 J-873 (correction)
-=XTRA=-Gooz3: The Fox (Medic)

Logo artists:
Aart & -=XTRA=-Rico

Thanks To:
Vilas: CV-9035, Patria, AIFV/YPR765, M577, VW T4, Octavia, Troops, HK416, Diemaco's, Pzf 3 & Spike
Konyo: Boeing/SOAR MH-47E. v1.3, Airbus A320 v1.3 + Hostage version v1.0
Stiltman and ExplosiveAids: RG-31 Nyala v1.0
LowLand Warriors: Daf Trucks, Leusderheide & Havelte terrain
Aeneas2020, Binkowski, Dimitri_Harkov, Raven DK, (Sic-Disaster), Enad, Animal Mother, Dasquade, Ardvarkb, Eki, Robert Hammer, DDAM Mod: Royal Netherlands Army v5.2 (with fixed config)
AMT & Bundeswehr Teams: Wolf, The FOX, Leopard, Gepard (v1.41 + v1.7)
[FRL]Mike, Footmunch, IrishDeviant, RKSL-Rock, wld427, NodUnit,
Keshman, [APS]Gnat, [GLT]Turrican, NeoArmageddon, Xeno426
: F-16 & Missile pack v1.2 fixed
Matt Brewer's: F-16 Sound replacement
VXR: F-16 Falcon NLD By: v 0.9 beta
NZDF CRASH: AH-64D NL v 1.0 & P-3C Orion V22
NZFD & Rocket: C-130H
Slatts & Footmunch: Embraer Super Tucano (PC-9)
Slatts: ESS Goggles Pack 1.0
Feint: RQ-11 RAVEN mini-UAV v1.6
OFrP & MAF2Ext Team: NH-90 + Super Puma v3.0
ZYsd: Boxer 1.2 beta,Old Jeep,M107,SSG
Robber Hammer, Robalo_AS , Stiltman, The Noid, Solus, Norrin, NonWonderDog, Fincuan,
Anti-Death, TheLama, AcidSnake, Dasquade, Likon, Pathy, Twinkie Masta, DarkElfa,
Milo, Thegenius, Millenia
: HK416 Pack v1.21
Meatball0311, VectorX96 & yurapetrov: Pilots
SWAT.TR & Mehmet06: Turkish Special Forces (Red Barets)
-Martin-: OSShD-Y Train Carriages
Trouble: AAC Lynx Mk7 v1.2
Mondkalb: MBG Caterpillar 1.0
SchnapsdroSel: Female US Soldier beta3
IceWindo: Hazmat Units
OOPz & P:UKF: L115A3
hcpookie: Special Operations Craft 3.0 & Deployable Camo Nets 2.0
CheyenneAh56: AB-412 Resque v beta
DDAM: Scania R500
_William: Foliage Camouflage System v0.9.1
Clayman: Dogs v1.2
Anzac bobman's: Bushmaster IMV (soon)
Many many others that must have been forgot....

Special Thanks To:
Vilas [Mega contributor]
markb50k [Lots of advice and great mission]
GranQ [Advice and model upgrades]
-=XTRA=-Tox1m [Excellent Smoke script]


-added: pook traincab mod
-added: M24 Black, 2 backpacks, rangefinder green & black
-added: Army, Navy & Airforce Generals
-added: anti air units & divers
-added: Volvo firetruck & Sprinter Ambulances
-added: Aerial refuelling Module
-updated: Elcan scope, desert patria texture
-updated: M109A3 texture & submarine texture

:pinch: Warning: Spoiler!

KLM & AERCAP Airbus A320

Scania Fire Rescue

Volvo Fire Rescue

Skoda Octavia FireFighter

Sprinter Ambulance


NS Carriages & Diesel Loc. (Dutch Railroad)
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Dutch Army Mod 1 year, 11 months ago #3335

Found these semi working old DAF trucks from a 'long gone' modteam called the Lowland Warriors. You cannot enter the vehicles in A2 and i have not found any other usable vehicles inside the mod but maybe it can be used to make a nice ArmA2 worthy Dutch Forces mod.

I've done some more research and this is what ive got so far:

-DualJoe of the BIS community is making the Dutch Grebbeberg - WIP terrain

-Cyborgsoldier found this reskin somewhere :

-But it look nothing like the originals so i guess we gonna have to redo this one too!

!Correction: this is a totaly different Chinook!
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Re: Dutch Army Mod 1 year, 11 months ago #3339

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This Chinook called Lady Liberty im standing front of it
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-=XTRA=-CyborgSoldier 1 year, 11 months ago #3344

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Yes thx awsome lars about the chinook of normal ARMA 2 - OA im not using that one im using the RAF Chinook for it one thing about this topic just delete it and make a new topic with Dutch armed forces WIP and make a teamspeak room Dutch armed forces(WIP)to talk in that room about it and Making missions and textures in that room and the important thing! We can talk DUTCH IN it
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Royal Netherlands military 1 year, 11 months ago #3351

Here are some pictures of what i'm working on at the moment (while i was away). This retexture is only 50% done so there is much left to do.
Also we need to make a list of all the DAF vehicles and start collecting images / textures
here: Royal Dutch Army

More pic's : Press here
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